Founded in 2014

Vision Statement: We are a mobile unit providing resources for achieving self-actualization.

Mission Statement: The Daydream Academy provides essential tools for business development to the underserved by incorporating into a preexisting society, sharing resources, and growing as a community.


  1. Hydro/Aquaponics
  2. Simple lighting
  3. Clean room
  4. Outpatient preventive care & victim advocacy
  5. Micro clone

get location donated for workshops
expand client support network


The Daydream Academy will focus on:

  1. Agriculture (modular permaculture systems) / Housing (wikihouse.cc)
  2. Medicine & Safety (clinics with outsourcing to local health & advocacy centers)
  3. Finance (micro loans? to be determined)
  4. Technology (simple communication & lighting, 3d CAD mold to steel part, etc.)
  5. Arts & Crafts (classes with quarterly celebrations)

To be extended with transportation, retirement, & childcare

Illuvatar Platform” will be unveiled when Daydream Academy is developed



2 thoughts on “About

    • Hey John,
      We are a non-profit start up that currently helps people start businesses that they dream of. This includes Administration tasks such as Incorporation, Bylaws, as well as management tools.
      As we build we will be connecting Organizations to People so that they can help improve their living situations.
      Thanks for the question!


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