Communication Continued


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Journal 3

During my last journal entry I spoke about the importance of communication and today I learned about the importance of communication! I work at a non-profit and was hired to renovate and reintegrate it into the community. I do it because this business makes sure that people who have had family members die from homicide or aggravated assault are given a place that they can feel a part of, and they receive therapy and resources to help them down the path of recovery.

This place is very old, and its founder is also obviously getting ready to retire. She created this place in the 80s by sharing her dream and having the people believe in what she was trying to do. They all helped in what way they could; the attorneys helped draft the paperwork, the community leaders helped spread the word, and they all formed the Board of Directors to run it.

Here we are years later and it has grown into a business that nobody imagined at the time, focusing on providing therapy. However I have been noticing that despite all the tools I provide to analyze what is happening as well as how to manage it and rebuild, it has been stuck. It is stuck in its ways and therefore it is not rebuilding.

I only deal with the Executive Director and the other employees are not in the office when I am there so I never see them. Today I had a meeting with all the employees including the ED and realized that despite the tools given, the underlying problem is communication. The employees are all having problems, and they do not feel like they are being listened to. The ED also knows that she has problems and feels that the employees are not listening!

Here we are in a place that has expressed its dreams as well as created a way to solve the dilemma that it sees in our community, but because of communication problems internally, it faces a very real problem of falling apart. In this example we learn that communication is a two-way street. As I said in the last blog speaking also means listening. If we do not hear the problems of others they will never be able to adapt and keep their dreams alive for others to benefit from.

My grandfather told me that psychologists, or anyone else, are very effective for their first five years. After those five years they think they know everything so they talk to instead of listening to their clients. I think today was a reminder so that I would think of those words. Do not get frustrated that others aren’t hearing you, listen to them because they probably want the same thing you do and are trying to solve the problem too. Communication is listening, learning, and only at certain times does it mean speaking your mind. Anything is possible with cooperation whereas nothing is possible without the people you meet and keep in your life.


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