The issue of growing dreams



Journal 2

Today we will talk about the ways to grow from the thoughts and beliefs in our minds in order to step up the game into an organization. If anyone wants to comment please feel free.

In life everyone tries to communicate their dreams and desires so we can find the people that are like us, and want the same things that we do! We all have images in our head of want we want to make us comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the life and people that we surround ourselves with. When I look out the window of my Sacramento office I see what is, and when I imagine my world I see what it could be like.

In order to grow a business, it is actually a very simple process to create our dreams and weave it into our reality. These dreams manifest themselves purely from our thoughts and opinions, and some of us are able to find ways to turn that into a lifestyle for ourselves and others. There was a quote that I saw on some Facebook post that said, if you help a million people, you will become a millionaire.

The way this starts is by opening up dialogue with as many people around you as possible. This is done at stores, cafes, parties, anywhere that you spend time. By expressing your desires these people will give you info on how they believe and what they think is important. Listening and speaking go hand in hand; like breathing in and out. It is important to find a nice balance, and I definitely have a hard time with this because I would much rather sit and read than talk!

The internet is this huge exchange as well, but the added advantage is that there are analytical tools that allow us to analyze the data that comes to us through these exchanges. The internet is filled with social circles that focus on music, crafts, politics, whatever you could possibly be interested in. Business is simply the added practice of gathering information that would be useful to create and distribute what we dream could help everyone, and talking to as many people as possible about what you believe.

How do we find enough people that are interested in talking? Well, that question I have no answer to. Publishing content and talking to enough people will get interest and understanding, and then it is a matter of unifying your communication. We do not want to sound scatterbrained when we talk to anyone, and that is why business has a concept of “branding.” When you have a unified voice you are then able to see what large groups of people want in order to give them what you determine they need.

But there have been civilized societies for thousands and thousands of years! Everything has been done. But nothing has been done the way YOU think would make us all better, only you have your life experiences and modern thoughts. But there are many others like us. Some are successful businesses, some are awesome groups that know how to have fun, and some are individuals with such personal dreams that they need to build them through design, or whatever. Bringing like-minded people together in the business world is called Affiliations.

The network of colors, art, comfort, and fun needs to grow into a unified message that teaches us all that we don’t have to think of success as some crazy expensive car or handbag and getting wasted. We can wear plastic sunglasses that are bright orange and blue, and STILL create the next theory of relativity or run multi-million dollar organizations. We create the world with our friends in unity to give to everyone else. Let them decide if they need it or not.


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