Business Journal Entry 1


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Creation of CMP/Daydream

Journal 1

Well here we go. As a young entrepreneur who has devoted time to grow personal businesses since getting turntables at age 17, it seems to finally be time to record my experiences in business development. There is so much to learn that it is hard to keep it all straight in my mind.

I have been developing my passions into useable products for so long now that it all feels like the same grind which is an obvious blessing but also a curse. On the one hand everything you do is filled with passion and purpose, but on the other hand the day is composed of moving from one chore to another.

But recently, there has been some interesting developments in my thought process! I have realized that this whole time that I have felt frustration from not finding much music, television, images, events of interest is because there is not much for young artists. There are colorful clothes, but why aren’t there interesting stores? Why are museums filled old art, and their stores filled with cool but incredibly overpriced items? Ah ha! The businesses that are out there are designed for people that are old enough to not be energetically inspired; the money is easy to leave the hands of the old, and the young spend it on an attempt to be inspired through music, TV, alcohol, and clothes.

Today I look at H&M and realize that it is a store that was built by an older generation attempting to pry money away from the younger generation. It is watered-down, and like the other things that take our interest are geared to the mediocre. The youth are trying to be able to afford Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other brands that we believe represent success, but what we are sacrificing is inspiration and individuality.

What we need is a “brand” that represents the colors and feelings that we see in our minds and adore as young children. I know that many want to spend time with the 1% because we are taught that money and success leads to happiness. What we are not told is that being CEO and living in the 1% is very lonely. When we achieve this success we spend time alone making decisions that impact others and that leave others resentful. Let’s make something that shows that we can have what we want and need, and still maintain the vivid life that we lead as children. Growing up does not have to be painful. CMP is about building an environment that encourages everyone to live and build what they dream, be it fine art, chairs, or mathematical equations.


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